My version of Emily from Tim Burton’s, ‘Corpse Bride’

Timelapse Video Tutorial: My Version of Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride Time lapse Makeup tutorial

This is one of my simpler looks and by no means is it as detailed as it could be, but this is a quick and easy makeup tutorial using affordable products.  There are a variety of ways to re-create Emily from the ‘Corpse Bride’, but this is my remake.

Time: 45-60 minutes

Things you will need:

  • A glue stick/Vaseline
  • Translucent setting powder/normal face powder
  • Sponges/Brushes
  • White, Blue, Black and Red Face Paint (can be any type such as alcohol activated, grease, water activated paint)
  • Brown/Black/Purple eye-shadows (Paint can work but will be harder to blend)
  • Black and white eyeliner


  • Fake Blood
  • Contact lenses
  • False Eyelashes
  • A blue, long, wavy wig!

Instructions on how to re-create this look:

  • I began by using a headband to keep the the hair out of the models face. Getting paint or fake blood in hair can be difficult to wash out.
  • Using a cleansing wipe, clean the face to free your skin of any makeup or dirt. I used a sensitive cleansing wipe on the model as it is a lot safer especially when unsure of how the product will react with the skin.
  • It is best to cover the eyebrows when painting the face as it gives you a blank canvas to work with. I used Vaseline which is a way of sticking the hairs down flat against the skin, which allows a better coverage of the eyebrows. Apply foundation/white face paint over the eyebrows to conceal and set with a powder. (As seen in the video the model had very dark and thick eyebrows which were difficult to cover with both foundation, paint or powder. However, I decided to work the look around her eyebrows.)
  • Apply White Face Paint (I used a water-activated paint) all over her face and neck – a pale foundation will also work however it would be best to powder over it for a long-lasting wear. Ensure that you work the paint into the hairline as well as covering the ears. (The model had specific health issues, therefore I had to avoid putting makeup on her ears)
  • I wanted the look to be quite grungy. If you use a water-activated paint like I did ensure to just dampen the sponge rather than drenching the sponge or putting the water directly on the paint.
  • Using a small sponge, I contoured the face (the cheekbones, temples, forehead, jawline, chin and neck) with a dark blue grease paint. Depending on the outfit that is worn, the contour should continue down the neck and around the shoulders. Contouring creates a 3D effect as it can define and reshape specific areas.
  • If grease paint is used, apply face powder over it as the look will last longer.
  • Then, go over the blue paint with a brown powder, I used an eyeshadow. Alternatives can include a dark powder from a contour kit, or paint.
  • Apply black Kohl liner around the eyes and blend it out with a small brush or sponge. Alternatives can include, liquid liner, black eyeshadow or black paint, but ensure that you do not get the paint in your eyes!.
  • Apply white eyeliner to the waterline which will give the appearance of larger eyes. Unfortunately, the model’s eyes kept twitching  when I applied the makeup, so I was unable to apply the white liner on her waterline
  • To create the effect of a deepened eye, I mixed the same brown eyeshadow I used for the contour with a slightly purple shade and applied it around the eyes. I continued the eyeshadow onto the forehead, curving the shadow downwards towards the eye.
  • Using black paint and a small bristled brush, I created a cracks around the eye using a zig-zag motion. The colour came out a little darker than I wanted (I applied too much pressure with my hand) but I stuck with it. I patted some of the cracks with my finger to reduce the darkness of the colour which gave the effect of capillaries.
  • I went over each cracked line with a dark red paint using the same small bristled brush.
  • Apply black eyeshadow to the parting of the lips, this will give a ghoulish look similar to Emily’s in ‘Corpse Bride’.
  • Blend a little black eyeshadow around the lid of the eye, this will get rid of any harsh lines around the eyes.
  • Using a rounded eyeshadow brush I mixed a dark red and purple shade and applied it around the outer eye and inner corner of the mouth look
  • (Optional) Lastly, I applied fake blood to the corner of her mouth with a brush, and underneath both eyes with a stipple sponge.

Unfortunately we did not have a wig and the model was unable to use contact lenses but I still believe that this look can be done without the extra accessories (although it would look a lot cooler and closer to Emily’s character).

All products used were very cheap and bought at Halloween stores/drugstore/online store therefore the pigment of them were not as apparent. However, I wanted to show that looks can still be created even with cheap makeup products.

Here is a list of the products I used:

Snazaroo White Face Paint (£2.50)

imagic Professional Cosmetics 12 Flash Color Palette (£12.48)- exact replica of the 12 Flash Palette colour from Make Up Forever

Barry M- Black Khol Liner (£2.00)

Neutral and Smokey Eyshadow palette (£12.50 each)- I used palettes, therefore single eyeshadow colour will be cheaper.

Glue Stick (£1.00)

Sponges and Brushes came in packs from a Halloween store (£3.00)

Fake Blood (£5.00)- cheaper fake blood can be bought at Halloween store

I began this look not really knowing what look I was going for, however the final creation reminded me of Emily from ‘Corpse Bride’.

Please take a look at the time-lapse videos on YouTube as well:




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