Mystique- X-Men

This look was created by using inexpensive makeup products. Try to envisage this look with orange hair and yellow contact lenses which would bring the whole look together. Unfortunately we didn’t have a wig so we used a hood – funny right? No? okay.

Time: 1 hour 10 minutes (this is the amount of time it took me to complete this look. As I knew that I would not have enough time in the studio to create the complete look  I made some of the prosthetics  at home and brought them to the studio. However, when I got to the studio and unpacked the pieces I found many were damaged and unusable. Therefore, I had to quickly make some more on the day.)

What I used:

Liquid Latex


Glue Stick

Mehron Synwax- this is a new product I was trying and was therefore unfamiliar with it and I did find it a little difficult to use. As you can see some of the ‘scales’ on the face are misshapen (Snazaroo Wax is cheaper and easier to use for this kind of look; lesson learned)

Snazaroo Dark Blue Face Paint

Black Eyeshadow

Dark Blue Grease Paint (a shade that is darker for the ‘scales’ than the blue paint used, if you do not have the correct shade of blue, mix some black into the dark blue face paint you already have. Some people just use black face paint for the scales.)

Unfortunately I was unable to line the models waterline because her eyes kept twitching, if you want this look to come together properly ensure that you line your waterline with a  blue, yellow or black eyeliner.


Contact lenses

Orange/Auburn wig

Use a reference photo to help you. I looked at both Rebecca Romijn and Jennifer Lawrence renditions of Mystique and re-created my own version of Mystique which is a lot easier and not as time consuming.

How to get the look:

  • Cover eyebrows with the glue stick.
  • Before applying the wax to your face ensure your eyebrows and hairline are coated lightly with Vaseline (especially the roots). Otherwise it will be an ‘ouch’ moment when you remove the prosthetics!
  • Then, create the main shapes of the scales on Mystique’s forehead and side of the face using the wax. I worked from the center of the forehead outwards. Depending on the size of your forehead you can create as many or as few as you want. The majority of Mystique’s scales are not smooth, some look very uneven. (Remember to keep looking at the reference photograph. Take into consideration the size of your forehead and create the shapes in relation to it.)
  • It may be easier to draw out the lines of the shapes on your face before applying the wax to see how it will look (use a white/nude eyeliner if possible as it will be easier to remove if any mistakes are made.)
  • Then begin to apply the main wax shapes (remember some of the shapes will also be made using liquid latex so you do not have to spend too much time creating all the scales out of the wax.)
  • After applying as many scales as you feel are sufficient, begin to create the smaller scales with the latex. Use the back of a pair of tweezers or paintbrush because latex does not come out of the bristles in a brush. Let the latex dry thoroughly before painting the face. If you start to paint your face before the latex dries, everything will come off and all your hard work will go to waste.
  • If possible, coat the wax with fixative A or Spirit Gum.
  • Then begin painting, cover your face, ears and neck in the Dark blue paint with a sponge and ensure to get around all the scales. Some places will be hard to reach so use a small brush to fill in any of the gaps.
  • Paint over all the scales and your lips in the darkest blue paint you have (mix dark blue with black if you do not have one or just use black paint if you want.)
  • Next, apply black eye shadow to the outer parts of the eye and work your way in towards the inner corner. Sweep a little of the black eye shadow underneath the lower lash line as well.
  • Use a blue,black or yellow eyeliner on the waterline
  • Lastly, put your wig on and contact lenses.

Try taking your time with this look, this look was a little rushed due to the limited time I had. It may take up to 2-3 hours if you want to add finer detailing on the face and neck but this look can still be done with affordable products and is easy to do.

P.s A white background behind a Mystique look does not bring out the colour well.

Please watch the time lapse video to see the process of me applying the prosthetics and makeup to create this look.

Check out my YouTube channel to view all my timelapse tutorials:




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