Pop Art Harley Quinn

Let me begin by first saying that I personally have found this particular look a lot easier to do on myself. I feel that the look would have turned out a  lot better if I could have stood directly in front of the model to work on her face but i didn’t want to obstruct the camera which was filming the whole process.  I will go through a list of changes that I would make if I were to recreate the look again. When creating a ‘pop art’ look on someone else it is best to stand in front of them to get a clearer view of all areas of their face. This look was inspired by Jordan Hanz ‘Pop Art Harley Quinn’and it requires a lot of time and precision. However, we had less than an hour to film this tutorial so I was slightly rushed. Also, my hands were shaking quite a lot so unfortunately i made a few errors. (P.S. we were unable to get a blonde wig but hey, anyone can rock a Harley Quinn look!)

Time: 50-60 minutes

What you will need:

Glue Stick/Vaseline

Pale Foundation/White Face Paint

Translucent Powder (only if foundation is used)

Black Face Paint-alternative is liquid eyeliner

Red and Blue eye shadow/Face Paint

Light Brown eyeshadow

Red lipstick/Face Paint

White Face Paint


Blonde wig

How to create this look:

  • I began by using a glue stick over the models eyebrows, this sticks the eyebrows flat against the skin and makes it easier to apply makeup/paint  over them. Harley Quinn has light brown eyebrows whereas the model had very dark and quite thick eyebrows which were difficult to cover with the products I had on the day.
  •  Use a pale foundation all over the face, neck, and ears with a sponge or brush. (Due to medical condition I was unable to paint over the models ears.) An alternative to foundation is white face paint.
  • Set the foundation with a powder so it lasts longer
  • Then go back over the top of the cheekbones, under-eyes,the bridge of the nose, forehead and chin with the pale foundation/white face paint again, this will bring the highlighted areas forward.
  • Lightly contour the cheeks using a brown eye shadow or contour powder.
  • Next is the eye shadow which can be as dramatic as you like, as you an see in the picture and time-lapse video I used quite a lot of the blue and red colour. I began on the outer corners of the eyes and worked towards the inner corners of the eyes as well as sweeping the colour underneath them.
  • I added streaks using grease paint into the eye shadows and down the face to create a grungy effect. Create as many streaks you want. I had to go over the areas where I applied eye shadow a few times as the colours didn’t have a strong enough pigment.
  •  Black shadow I applied in the outer corners of the eyes and along the streaks I created, smudging them out a little with my finger.
  • Next using black face paint (preferably grease paint) or liquid eyeliner I began the pop art effect. First along the contours of the cheeks curving the edges down slightly towards the end. I continued applying the colour around the outside of the face bringing down the paint at the top of the forehead and sides of the temples. This was very difficult for me to do as I was unable to see the other side of the models face to ensure the lines were the same on both sides.
  • Draw a few lines around the eyebrows to create a 2D effect.
  • Outline the shapes and accentuate certain areas of the face, as it is supposed to be pop art so it has to have a 2D effect and help the features to stand out. This can be around the sides of the nose and the chin. By watching the tutorial it will give a better understanding of what I mean.
  • I forgot to add Harley Quinn’s signature heart under the eye, but using the black face paint/eyeliner draw a heart under the eye with the red eye shadow.
  • Next are the lips, begin by applying a red face paint or a red lipstick to the lips, smudging the lipstick down on one side of the mouth. Add black paint to outline the lips and use the technique of hatching (creating shadow by drawing short strokes that create contours) along areas of the smudged lipstick.
  •  Lastly, I went over the entire face using a small brush and applied brown eye shadow, only putting a very small amount shadow on the brush and gently sweeping it on certain areas of the face to create a grungy Harley Quinn.

There were a few things I feel I could have done better, for example the lines on the tip and side of the nose could have been better placed, as well as the lines around the cupid’s bow which I think could have been drawn closer to the lip.

Here are a list of the products I used to create this look:

imagic professional cosmetics 12 color case (£12.65)

15 colour foundation makeup palette (£2.50)

Mehron Paradise Paint Palette (£89.99)- I only used the Black and Red Paint which can be bought cheaper at a Halloween store (around £2.00)

Smokey eyeshadow palette (£12.50)– again can be bought much cheaper as I only used the red, black and blue shadows.

Glue stick (£1.00)

Please watch the time-lapse video to see the process of applying the makeup to create the pop art Harley Quinn look.

All my timelapse tutorials have been uploaded to YouTube as well:




















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