Regan MacNeil Prosthetic Tutorial

Unfortunately the video cut off after applying the prosthetic therefore you were unable to see the application of makeup to see the final look. However, the makeup I applied is very simple.

Time: 70-90 minutes

What I used to create this look:

Mehron Synwax

Very pale foundation or white face paint with a touch of yellow paint

Brown and black eyeshadow

Red and Brown face paint

Coagulated Blood

Cotton Wool

Fixative A

Liquid Latex

Sponges and Brushes

Step-by-step guide:

I used a reference photo to get an idea for where the cuts were placed on Regan’s face.

  • Using a sensitive cleansing wipe I wiped the face clean.
  • I marked out where all the cuts needed to be by using a red face paint.
  • I then used a glue stick and Vaseline to cover the eyebrows and protect the hairline. As liquid latex is used as part of this look it is important to cover any hair near to the product.
  • I coated my fingers with Vaseline (alternative is oil) to prevent the wax from sticking to my fingers. Taking small pieces of the synwax, I rolled them between my fingertips to heat them up, this made the wax easier to work with. Creating the desired shape needed for each cut.
  • The wax was placed over each cut and I used both my finger and a spatula (ensure spatula is also covered in oil or Vaseline) to blend the sides into the skin to create a seamless appearance. This was repeated over each cut.
  • After the placement of all the wax, I used tweezers to create a slit in the wax, using the red markings as a guideline.
  • To conceal dark eyebrows, I used Vaseline over both eyebrows and tore tiny fibers of cotton wool and applied them using liquid latex.
  • After all cuts had been made, I appled fixative A to seal them everything in place. Spirit Gum and liquid latex are also alternatives however powder is necessary after application in order to get rid of the shine. I applied a few coats of liquid latex over and around the wounds giving an uneven skin texture.
  • I then used a pale foundation all over the face an neck. An alternative to this is white face paint mixed with a drop of yellow.
  • Powder the face if foundation is used.
  • I used a small eyeshadow brush to darken the eyes and under eyes with a brown/purple shade, focusing more on the inner corners of the eyes.
  • Using the same brown and purple shade mixed with a black eyeshadow, I applied the shadows to the parting of the lips
  • I used a brown and red paint and applied it between all the cuts
  • Next, I used a brown and dark red eyeshadow along the outside of the cuts to create a bruised effect
  • Lastly, apply coagulated blood in between all the cuts to make them stand out more.

Apologies for the entire video not being posted but unfortunately as I was filming the camera somehow cut off. This was just after I had checked the screen to ensure it was still recording! The painting and makeup side of the look is very easy and simple to do hopefully the steps above will help you. The prosthetic are the most important to see how they are applied therefore I still posted the video because I believe its important.

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